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Battery Replacement at Your home

Broken Down? Try our Mobile Battery Replacement Service in Sheffield

If you have broken down at home or at work with a faulty battery we can fit a new battery at your home or other location. Call 01142449151. We are located near to Meadowhall so if you have broken down close to Meadowhall call us now for assistance. 

Battery Information - DSA Autocentre Sheffield

Batteries may look similar, but they are different. They differ in size, output, performance and technology. Leave choosing the right one for your car of van to the experts. At DSA Autocentre we can advise on all aspects of battery maintenance.

If you do know which battery to buy, we would still advise on letting our expert mechanics fit the battery for you as fitting replacement batteries can be quite technical and is a specialist job. Many modern vehicles manufacturers insist on replacement batteries being paired to the vehicle’s own Battery Energy Management system. Other manufacturers recommend the use of a memory saver to stop the vehicle’s computers losing their data.

At DSA Autocentre Sheffield, we have the latest technology in battery testing and use conductance testing to measure the life of your battery. Our technicians will tell you if there is a vehicle fault that may be draining the battery or a problem with your charging system. Our mobile team can also provide a battery replacement service at your home or workplace.

How good are the batteries you fit?

Our batteries come from a leading battery manufacturer and have a full no-quibble guarantee. If convenience is a factor, then our mobile teams can fit your battery at a location of your choice and at a time to suit you.

Battery Fitting Options in Sheffield

If you call for mobile assistance, we will come to you at your home or workplace or location that suits you at a time of your choice. Our mobile technicians operate throughout the North of England and Midlands. We will check to see if your battery needs replacing or just charging. If your battery needs replacing, we will dispose of your old battery in an environmentally friendly way.

Cost of Battery Replacement at DSA Autocentre Sheffield 

The cost of battery replacement will be made up of the cost of a new battery and the fitting charge. At DSA Autocentre we are committed to providing best value for money. We are located near to the Don Valley Olympic Legacy Park so please call to book an appointment for all vehicle maintanence. We can also come to you. Our mobile services cover the North of England and beyond.

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