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DPF Cleaning Sheffield

DPF Cleaning Sheffield

DSA Autocentre provide a high quality DPF Cleaning service in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Our state-of-the-art flash DPF cleaning machine restores the Diesel Particulate Filter to at least 98% of its original condition.  

Diesel cars from 2009 were fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in the exhaust to prevent the particulate matter into the atmosphere. DPF’s have cleaned up, to an extent the reputation diesel cars once had. Diesel vehicles produce a lot of particulate matter which can cause respiratory problems and add to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Blocked DPF Causes 

Once your vehicles DPF has become blocked a beneficial way to remove the blockage is to have it cleaned professionally. Our DPF cleaning method is effective and much cheaper than what the replacement of one would be. 

The following are examples of how your DPF could become clogged:

  • Short journeys at low speeds – when the engine does not reach optimum operating temperature
  • Poor servicing
  • Clogged EGR valve – increasing diesel soot passed to the DPF
  • The wrong type of engine oil
  • Having a higher mileage car may increase the chances of your DPF becoming blocked

You will notice your vehicle decreasing in power, increasing in fuel consumption, distinct smells and/or your vehicle entering limp mode if your DPF has become blocked. 

If you have experienced any of the above problems, you may have also seen or noticed a warning light on your dash. Two potential warning lights could show, one being an Engine Management Light (EML), this will need diagnosing to guarantee the exact cause of the warning light, which we can also do at DSA. The other being an orange warning light shaped like a DPF (a piped box with dots in the middle) but can vary depending on manufacturer. 

DPF Regeneration

DSA DPF cleaning will allow your vehicle to return to its highest performance level, increase fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and overall just allow your vehicle to feel like new again. 

We provide a DPF collect and delivery service which will have your DPF returned to you in less than 48 hours of sending it, an option if your vehicle is totally immovable. If your vehicle is at our Autocentre for DPF cleaning you are guaranteed a same day turnaround, reducing down time. 


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