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Clutch Repair and Replacement

Clutch Repair Sheffield

The clutch is a crucial component in your vehicle which turns your wheels. In a modern vehicle it sits between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch allows you to change gear and generates power. It connects two or more rotating shafts, in a manual vehicle it controls the connection between the shaft in both the engine and wheels.

At DSA Autocentre we have experienced mechanics who can repair and replace clutches - look no further for clutch repair and replacement in Sheffield. We are clutch repair specialists and we will supply clutches for you if our mechanics feel the replacement is necessary. All vehicles will need their clutch replacing in its lifetime, this is due to doing a lot of miles and creating a worn clutch. The clutch is a vital part of a vehicle and should be working to a sufficient standard, always. A worn clutch will more than likely increase your fuel consumption and decrease your vehicles performance, so our advice is to not allow your worn clutch, to become worse.

Worn Clutch Symptoms

If you feel that your clutch may be worn, have a look at these symptoms and you may have an idea if your clutch needs repair or replacement.

Symptoms include:

  • A juddering noise or feel when pulling away
  • Difficulty putting your car in gear
  • A crunching noise when changing gears
  • Your RPM (revs per minute) may increase when accelerating but your vehicle speed does not
  • You may even notice a burning smell

You can prolong the life of your clutch by not leaving your car in gear at traffic lights or not resting your foot on your clutch whilst driving, to name a few. However, we would not advise you to continuously follow these help methods once one of the above worn clutch symptom occurs. The best thing we can advise if you come across a symptom, is to come and see us at DSA Autocentre to get it checked by one of our fully qualified mechanics. Our diagnostic equipment can help in deciphering what the exact problem is with your vehicles clutch, which can help us in deciding what repair work we need to carry out.

Mobile Clutch Repair

We also provide convenience by bringing our mobile mechanics to you. Our mobile mechanics can come to your home, work or location of your choice. If your vehicles clutch feels too worn and you are afraid to drive it, we will come to you to replace or repair your clutch.

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