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Brake Repair in Sheffield

Car braking systems are complex consist of many parts including brake pads, brake rotors or brake discs, brake calipers, brake shoes and brake drums. Depending on the design of the braking system, typically the most common wear items are the front pads and discs. Depending on your vehicle design there may be front brake discs, rear brake discs, front brake pads and rear brake pads. We stock all leading manufacturers brake components including, Pagid Brake Pads, Hawk Brake Pads, EBC Brake Pads, Ferodo Brake Discs, Wagner Brake Pads, Jurid Brake discs, Brembo Brake Pads and Brembo Brake Rotors.

Brake Disc Replacement Cost in Sheffield

Due to the various braking systems and brands of componenets it is impossible to provide a quote without understanding the issue and what make and model the car or van is. Our prices are extremely ccompetitve in comparison to dealer prices, so we can provid cheap brake pad replacement and cheap brake disc repalcement pricing options. Please call us to dicuss pricing options and we can then provide a brake rotor replacement price or brake disc replacement price. 

Brake Pad Replacement Cost in Sheffield

The cost of front brake pads differ as do the cost of the front brake discs. Our prices are competitve and we can replace your brake pads at your home or work at no additional charge to you. Call us on 01142449151 to discuss repair options.

Emergency Brake Repair in Sheffield

If you suspect your brakes are faulty, please call us on 0114 244 9151 for assistance. We can come to you and check your brakes. If you require a mobile mechanic to repair your brakes please call us today. If you hear a grinding noise coming from your wheels or experience a reduced braking efficiency or suspect your car has faulty brakes call us to book an apointment. We have a team of mobile technicians who may be able to carry out an emergency brake repair at your home or where you are.

Brake Replacement 

In today’s, congested driving environment modern stop-start driving can put stress on your car’s braking system. Wear throughout the braking system happens gradually and the deterioration of braking performance is not always easy for a driver to detect. Regular checks are advisable to ensure your brakes always function effectively, performing their vital task of slowing and stopping your car safely. At DSA Autocentre we advise our customers that prevention is better and more cost effective than the cure. A free brake system check can also save you time and money by preventing damage to other components.

Free Brake Checks in Sheffield

At DSA Autocentre we provide free brake checks. The check covers all aspects of your car brake system. Our qualified technicians look at brake pads, discs, shoes, callipers, hoses and handbrake linkages. 

If brake repairs are required, we'll let you know why. We will not carry out any repair to your brake system without your approval and we will advise you of the cost to repair, before any work is carried out.

Brake Replacement Cost

The cost of repair for changing brake pads, discs and other braking components will vary depending on your car. We will not charge you to check your brakes and there is no obligation to have new brake discs or pads fitted.

Brake fitting is carried out by our trained technicians, and we only use top quality parts that match the manufacturer's original specification.

How Long Does It Take?

To check your brakes, you should allow for 30 minutes. If we need to carry out any repairs or exchange any worn or defective items we should be able to carry out the work the same day, alternatively if you would like a mobile technician to visit you at home or at your workplace then please book through the Autocentre.

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