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Sheffield Clutch Replacement 

At DSA Autocentre we have experienced mechanics who can repair and replace clutches - look no further for clutch replacement in Sheffield. We are clutch repair specialists and we will supply and fit clutches for you if our mechanics feel the replacement is necessary. It is not unusual for your clutch to need replacing all vehicles will need their clutch replacing in its lifetime, this is due to doing a lot of miles and creating a worn clutch. We will also only fit a flywheel should it need replacing upon stripping the vehicle.

Clutch Repair Sheffield 

DSA Autocentre carry out clutch repairs and adjustments on all makes and models of cars. Simply call 0114 244 9151 for a FREE no obligation quote or contact us using our contact page. After agreeing the work we can normally complete the clutch repair or replacement within 24 hours.

Cheap Clutch Repair

We will always offer the cheapest clutch repair possible that will solve the problem. We will not carry out a temporary cheap clutch repair that does not fix the fault, in many intstances this does involve replacing the clutch. We always provide quotes that offer real value for money and never carry out any work until you have autorised us to do so. The cost of a clutch repair varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. 

Worn Clutch Symptoms

If you feel that your clutch may be worn, have a look at these symptoms and you may have an idea if your clutch needs replacing or investigating.

Symptoms include:

  • A juddering noise or feel when pulling away
  • Difficulty putting your car in gear
  • A crunching noise when changing gears
  • Your RPM (revs per minute) may increase when accelerating but your vehicle speed does not
  • You may even notice a burning smell

Mobile Clutch Repair

We also provide convenience by bringing our mobile mechanics to you. Our mobile mechanics can come to your home, work or location of your choice to investigate your clutch. If we believe your clutch needs replacing we can book you in straight away after investigating it.  

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