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Fleet MOT Testing In South Yorkshire

Fleet MOT Test in Sheffield 

At DSA Autocentre Sheffield we carry out Class 4, 5 and 7 MOT testing for retail and Fleet customers.

The MOT (Ministry of Testing) is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions for most vehicles over 3 years old. MOT certificates are currently issues under the auspices of the Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVSA) an executive agency of the Department of Transport. The test and pass certificate are commonly referred to as the MOT.

Around 20,000 car repair garages throughout Great Britain are authorised to perform testing and to issue certificates. There are around 50000 qualified MOT testers. In principle, anyone can apply to run and operate a test station but in order to gain authorisation from DVSA, both the individual and test centre need to meet criteria set out on the governments website.

The MOT Test

MOT test centres are regulated and licensed by the Department and Transport and DVSA for MOT purposes. Also, the individual testers carrying out the inspections have to be trained and certified. The decision to pass or fail each presented vehicle comes down to the discretion of the tester taking into consideration the guidelines issued by the DVSA.

The MOT test covers the following:

  • Brakes
  • Steering (including suspension)
  • Lighting and signalling equipment
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Driver's view of the road
  • Body, structure and general items. Includes body and components such as spoilers, bumpers and mirror housings.
  • Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  • Seat belts

The full details must by law be provided on request by all garages licensed to perform MOT tests, and are currently published in DVSA's leaflet The MOT Test and You. A MOT pass certificate indicates that at the time of the test the vehicle met or exceeded the minimum safety standards determined by the DVSA guidelines.

Windscreen, wipers and exhaust systems are tested for condition and operation. Windscreen wipers will fail the test if they do not adequately clear the windscreen when used in conjunction with the washers. The exhaust system is also tested to ascertain whether it is obviously louder than another vehicle of the same make and model with a standard exhaust system fitted. Dismantling of any part of the vehicle during the MOT test is strictly against test regulations, making the assessment of corrosion or worn components in certain areas on certain car models very difficult to determine accurately. As the MOT is only an inspection for road-worthiness at the time of test, the inspection of most accessories is not included.

At DSA Autocentre we carry out Class 4, 5 and 7 MOT tests for numerous Fleet customers at discounted rates.

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Please call our Autocentre on 0114 349 4155 to book a test and discuss how we can support your Fleet.

We are located near The English Institute For Sport and The Don Valley Olympic Legacy Park.

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