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DPF Cleaning

22 Dec

DSA DPF Cleaning

DSA Autocentre based in Sheffield provide a certified DPF cleaning for all makes and models or cars, vans and plant equipment. If your DPF is blocked, you may not have to renew your DPF as DPFs can be recovered to a nearly new state. All cleaned DPFs come with a before and after test sheet. We operate a collect and return service throughout Yorkshire and the surrounding regions. Please check out our coverage map to confirm the areas we collect from. If you are outside of the area we will arrange for our courier to collect the clean DPF from your premises and return it to you when it has been cleaned.

About Your DPF

Frequent short journeys where the engine does not reach normal operating temperature can cause problems with a car’s diesel particulate filter (DPF). There is simply not enough heat generated in the exhaust system to properly burn off the particulates collected through short journeys.

Other reasons for a DPF getting clogged include a low fuel level, the wrong type of engine oil and a lack of adequate servicing. Allowing a DPF to get this bad will often mean that a ‘forced regeneration’, or professional cleaning is necessary. This would be a job for your local fully equipped car service centre - DSA. 

Your local car service centre will use a diagnostic tool to force regeneration. At above or around 85% soot loading (how much soot is in your filter), regeneration can no longer be performed on the vehicle & the DPF will need to be removed to be cleaned or replaced. Keep in mind that the replacement of a DPF is an expensive action and the removal of a DPF without replacing is illegal. DPF cleaning is a lot cheaper and it will return your DPF to 98% of its normal condition. 


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