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On The Right Lines

13 Feb

Wheel Alignment Sheffield

It seems to be an obvious statement but a car’s steering is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. It has to be correctly set up. Any faults will reveal themselves because the car may wander or try to veer one way or another. What may not be so obvious, because the driver becomes used to it, is general wear and tear. Moving parts wear out. At an MOT testing garage the qualified vehicle tester will variously check the strength and condition of the steering wheel by pushing the steering in various directions and inspecting for wear or damage to the component parts. If a steering wheel has a locking device to help prevent theft, it will be tested to ensure it only locks when the engine is not running. Most cars these days will be fitted with power steering must have at least the minimum level fluid in the reservoir. These checks are not necessarily something an owner can oversee. They require a degree of specialised knowledge. It is however an owners responsibility to see that the steering is on the right lines. That is why we have car servicing and the MOT test.

DSA Autocentre

At DSA we have specialist mechanics who will be able to see any problems or potential problems with your vehicles steering and the components connected with the steering. They will be able to repair any damage there may be regarding the steering or give you any advice on how to maintain your vehicle the best you can in the future. Contact us on 0114 244 9151 to book your free wheel alignment check with us today.


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