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Pass Your MOT - Service Your Car Regularly

2 Oct

MOT Test Sheffield - Look After Your Car - Preperation Is Key

Why Regular Car Servicing Is Important

New cars will always come with some form of warranty. That is as it should be. Buyers need some protection from substandard product and a good warranty brings consumer peace of mind. Under current legislation cars 3 years or older require a annual MOT. Drivers need to look after their cars to ensure they are safe and roadworthy. The only problem with warranties is that they expire and then the vehicle becomes truly second hand. This, coupled with the wear and tear of the first three or so years often means that it is then that faults begin to show themselves. The sensible owner will always pre-empt such problems by ensuring that the vehicle is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule that was previously closely followed through the main dealer. During servicing your car will be checked by the mechanic conducting the service. This will highlight issues with the serviceability of the car.


Pass Your MOT - Service Your Car Regularly Right Supporting Image

Continuing to use the brand dealer after this time though is an expensive option. Main dealerships have expensive overheads and these are routinely passed on to customers. It is far more cost effective to check out a local independent car service and MOT centre who will be properly equipped and qualified to carry on the service routine as before, ensuring the car has a full and complete service history. Better still, to offer a good service some are prepared to attend to the service at your home. It doesn’t really get more convenient than that. Remember, the importance of a full service history cannot be underestimated when the time comes to sell your car as the new car cycle begins again.


Pass Your MOT - Service Your Car Regularly Right Supporting Image
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