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Timing Belt Replacement Sheffield

30 May

Replacing Timing Belts

Timing belts or cambelts as they are commonly referred to are sometimes forgotten about by drivers but unfortunately they are like many other components on you vehicle and will almost certainly need replacing at some point. If you are buying and older used car this is definitely something to think about replacing or check if it needs replacing before buying. If you are wondering what a cambelt is, it is a rubber belt that controls the timing of your vehicles internal combustion engines.

Does my cambelt need replacing?

If you notice signs such as; a noise, an issue with starting or even by a visual check of the belt then it could be time for your timing belt to be replaced. Failing that, if you are still unsure you can always ring us at DSA Autocentre and we will give you the guided replacement intervals absolutely free of charge. 

A tell-tale sign for whether you're vehicle is making a noise is to listen out when first starting the car and the engine is cold. If it is making a squealing sound then your belt could be loose which would indicate the need for a replacement. If your vehicle does have a cambelt issue then the vehicle may not even start at all. Hissing and grinding are also common noises to listen out for. If you want to have a look at the belt yourself then look out for a worn belt which would be noticeable by a glossy or glazed look. 

Timing Belt Repair Sheffield 

If you have noticed some common symptoms or you have checked your vehicles timing belt replacement intervals it may be wise to ring us up on 0114 3494155 to get a free no-obligation quote for your timing belt replacement or send us a quote form here. We will even quote with a water pump should it need one. 


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