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Windscreen Wiper Replacement

28 Nov

Wiper Blade Repair

Prepare for the cold weather with DSA Autocentre: your windscreen wipers will be pivotal for an easy drive this winter. With colder temperatures set to hit the U.K. wind, rain and snow will no doubt follow at some point. Seeing out of your front and rear windscreen clearly will keep you safer when driving. Don't take any risks if you feel your wiper blades are starting to split or aren't working quite right, visit our Autocentre for advice and replacement of your wiper blades. The last thing you want is to be bent over backwards while driving, trying to see out of the only clear patch on your windscreen.

Windscreen Wiper Replacement Sheffield

Although windscreen wipers can remove a good amount of snow from your windshield, wet snow is heavier and can be heavier on your blades which can cause the wipers to become bent or split. Remove snow from your windshield before using your wiper blades to prevent any damage. DSA are also on hand to fit new wipers within 5 minutes in the result of split or bent wipers.


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