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DSA Stock Cheap Budget Tyres to Premium Tyres

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We stock an array of tyres including premium tyres, mid-range tyres and budget/cheap tyres. We have tyres to suit all cars and to suit all pockets and our tyres are competively priced. We also have a mobile tyre fitting service so can fit tyres on your drive or at your work. Call 0114 349 9155 for a quote today. 

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Tyres Types
Mid-Range Tyres
Budget Tyres

4x4 Tyres

There are various tyres that can be used on your 4x4s. The common 4x4 tyres offer greater grip than the conventional all-weather car tyre.

Mud-tyres are designed specifically for someone who wants to drive their 4x4 off-road. They provide the most resilience for 4x4s on muddy and rocky terrain. However the mud tyres do not work well on roads as they wear more quickly than other 4x4 tyres.

All terrain tyres provide a middle ground between the mud tyres and the 4x4 tyres. They perform well on both muddy off-road terrain and on the road but perform as well as neither of the tyres in their respective fields.


Fuel - Saving Tyres

Fuel-saving tyres do exactly what is detailed in the name, they save fuel. They are designed to reduce roll distance, which in turn reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Fuel-saving tyres are rated from A to F on their efficiency in terms of conserving fuel with A being the best and F being the worst rating. This type of tyre may be more expensive to fit but becasue of the fuel efficiency may be a cheap tyre to run.


Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres have been introduced relatively recently. They’re designed to prevent deflation when a tyre is punctured. They’re becoming very popular due to their reliability when a driver is normally forced to stop. They can maintain the seal over the puncture for between 100-200 miles, allowing the driver to safely end his journey and find a garage.


Van Tyres

Van tyres are designed specifically to withstand the great pressure of the van and the potentially weight the van might be carrying. The sidewalls of van tyres are reinforced to prevent them bursting under too much pressure. At DSA we stock a full range of cost effective cheap tyres or more expensive premium tyres.


Weather Specific Tyres

The most common tyre that most people in the UK will have fitted to their car is an all-weather tyre (often referred to as the all-season tyre). It is a versatile tyre that deals all manor of terrain types very well. However, it is not designed to be used in extreme icy, snowy or wet conditions.

Winter tyres are becoming quite popular in the UK due to the increase in inclement weather conditions. Winter tyres are designed to increase your tyres grip and prevent slip on wintery terrain. Drive Safe this winter and enquire about our range of winter tyres.

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