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Car Servicing Sheffield

10 Apr

Sheffield Car Servicing 

Failing to service and maintain your car or van could result in an often heavy expense to repair your vehicle at a later date. It's fair to say most people love their cars and they obviously help them in one way or another, but when an issue occurs the most dilligent owner may overloook if cash is tight. With ownership and running costs on the rise year-to-year it seems regular maintenance and servicing is becoming mandatory to ensure your car is running smoothly. 

Oil Checks Sheffield

Performing oil checks or changes fortnightly, if not at least once a month, can optimise engine reliabilty and efficiency. If you notice an oil leak when performing these regular oil checks please contact us as soon as you notice and we will be able to pinpoint the issue early. If you do not know what an oil leak looks like, a telltale sign is an oily patch underneath your car, mixed with water this oily patch would look like a dead rainbow. 

DSA Car and Van Servicing

At DSA we have three types of car and van servicing available to you. The standard service, the interim service and the full service. The standard service is a safety check and just an oil and filter replacement. The interim service is required every 6000 miles or 6 months, this is recommended by the manufacturer and will help maintain your vehicle. The full service is required every 12000 miles or 12 months and again is recommended by the manufacturer. All our services are available at different prices with the standard car service being the cheapest. 

Car servicing is available at our Autocentre and we can accomodate your service within 24 hours of your enquiry. Car servicing is performed by our experienced and highly qualified mechanics. We also have mobile mechanics who can service your car or van at a location of your choice. These mechanics are out daily, servicing vehicles for our commercial customers and retail customers so we have plenty of experience servicing both customers and know what each type of customer expects from their service. 

Contact us on 0114 3494155 for any service you want to book or enquire about.

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