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Could You Be Exempt From Paying Road Tax?

8 Apr

Road Tax Information

Did you know there are several exemptions from paying road tax? You’re exempt from paying if; your vehicle produces zero CO2 emissions, if you have a disability and if your car was made before the 1st January 1977 according to the Express.

Since 2017 the vehicle tax changed and is now calculated on how much CO2 emissions are released from your vehicle. If your vehicle isn’t the most environmentally friendly you could be paying road tax up into the thousands. On the other end of the scale if your car is completely clean and isn’t producing any CO2 emissions you should not be paying any road tax! However if your vehicle produces zero CO2 emissions but costs more than £40,000 you will have to pay a £310 annual premium fee for the next five years following the first year free. This goes for all vehicles costing more than £40,000, meaning you could potentially be paying a lot of money for your vehicle if you must pay a lot for road tax and then the additional premium fee.

There is a disability exemption of course but it’s important to remember that the vehicle must be nominated in the disabled person’s name or their nominated driver’s name. The car must be used for the disabled person’s personal needs and it cannot be used by the nominated driver for their own personal use. Cars that are used to transport disable people are exempt from road tax.

It is important to remember that you must apply for car tax even if you are exempt and do not have to pay.

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