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MOT Changes 2018

2 Apr

MOT Sheffield 

You may or may not be aware of the changes that are being introduced to the MOT test in May 2018. It is set to be quite the shakeup with new ‘Dangerous’, ‘Major’ and ‘Minor’ categories being added as well as tougher emissions tests for diesel cars. Major and Dangerous faults will result in an automatic MOT test failure, whilst cars with minor defects will be allowed to pass the test but the faults will be recorded on the cars MOT certificate and online MOT record.

Tougher MOT tests for diesel cars will mean any car fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that lets off visible smoke of any colour will get a major fault and therefore fail its MOT test. AdBlue systems, prop shaft, rear drive shaft, bumper conditions and fluid leaks will all be inspected as well as daytime running lights and front fog lights of cars first used after March 2018. Other changes come in the form of checks to reverse lights and brake discs. Brake discs will be checked to see if they are significantly worn and inspecting oil contamination of the disc.

Another reason diesel drivers need to be on the ball as of May 2018 is to make sure their DPF has not been removed or tampered with as any vehicle that has the DPF canister clearly cut open and re-welded will not be tested. However if you can prove the re-welding of your DPF came through legitimate filter cleaning you can be tested.

Cheap MOT Sheffield

These changes may cause confusion so our advice is to update yourself and revise the added changes so you don’t get caught out. We are always here for advice on the new MOT or any other vehicle problem and we provide the cheapest MOTs in Sheffield. Our DPF cleaning can also prevent the failure of diesel cars and make your diesel particulate filter a lot cleaner. 

MOT Changes 2018 Right Supporting Image
MOT Changes 2018 Right Supporting Image
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