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Cheap Car Servicing and MOT Sheffield

7 Oct

Save Money On Car Servicing

Cheap Car Servicing

At DSA we have some amazing deals on car servicing and MOTs when you buy both together. For cheap car servicing, check out our special offers today. We offer cheap servicing to meet all budgets and provide 3 price options which are standard servicing, interim servicing and premier servicing. Contact us today to find out the cost of a service. 

Save Money 

If you are fortunate you will perhaps have a small driveway or area of hard-standing outside your home. This is where your car lives as it waits to do your bidding and from time to time it needs servicing or maintenance which is when you have the time-consuming hassle of taking your pride and joy to a car repair garage. It doesn’t have to be like this. The space outside your home has another use too.

It should be clear to all that running a car in this day and age is an expensive pastime and not just at the petrol pumps either. Obviously when the car is new owners will make absolutely sure that jobs get done; but what happens when that initial sheen of newness has worn off?

Especially these days, car owners on a tight budget can often be tempted to skip some routine car maintenance jobs. At the very least they delay an appointment with the garage until a more financially viable time. The trouble is, even with the best will in the world, the more you leave a job the more complicated and expensive it will get. That’s a given.

Dangers Of Poorly Maintained Vehicles

Poorly maintained vehicles cause not only more expense but also, in the worst case scenario, accidents. Even if you have never thankfully experienced an accident yourself, you will still be aware of the carnage on our roads. Vehicles that are not taxed, insured or tested are bad enough but to take a car onto the highway that is in an unsafe condition is just as bad.

The annual national bill for cleaning up after road traffic accidents is huge and it comes out of your taxes for the most part. Even if you are lucky enough to stay clear of trouble, putting off maintenance is likely to greatly reduce your car's life span. Think of it like this: If you don't maintain your car, you're taking a vehicle that might have managed for 200,000 miles during its useful life and you're reducing that to maybe 150,000 miles or less. Simply changing the oil and oil filter will greatly increase the life of your engine.

If you leave these things until later small jobs will become big jobs. The true cost of not maintaining your vehicle could include hefty repair bills for bad brakes, failed MOT's and possibly even a seized engine.

The Car Servicing Solution

Make sure your motor is serviced correctly and on time. Taking cars to main dealers can be expensive and these days, by and large, it is a good idea to save money on car servicing or MOT by using an independent garage. This is especially true when out of warranty.

Now, remember that patch of hard-standing outside your home? Wouldn’t it be a good idea if, instead of having to go to the garage, the garage came to you? A mobile car repair service that can attend to your automotive needs at your home is a great solution and there are reputable garages around who will offer this service. Independent garages are these days fully equipped to deal with the latest cars and are invariably less expensive than their main dealer equivalents.

For routine work like an annual service all that’s needed is to provide details of the car and registration. For more specific jobs or car repairs it helps to know a bit about your car. For example, neglect your brake pads and they could damage the discs, which are expensive. Why buy new discs before they are needed when help is at hand?

Waving Goodbye to Your Car

Remember: At some point you will want to change your car. A well maintained motor with a full service history will always sell. Car maintenance is all about safety first but it is also about resale value too. Come the day that those shiny new wheels take up residence on your driveway it should be a comfort to know that help is always at hand, right on your doorstep.

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