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Let There Be Light

1 Feb

DSA Light Safety

The importance of fully working lights has always been there. At night, a car is only as visible as the lights and reflectors it is fitted with. A cars headlights and tail lights needs to be seen even in the most limited conditions. Every form of illumination on a vehicle should be working; anything less and the result will be a failure come MOT test time. Every car owner out there should know that all the illuminations on your car should be working correctly, but are you so clued up when it comes to headlight beams. Dipped or main beam, both should be set below the horizontal so fellow drivers on the road are not dazzled at night. The same rules also apply to indicators, they must be working correctly. After all, you - the driver may know where you are going but if you don't indicate when required it becomes a matter of guesswork for other drivers. A solution to any problems that can occur to the lights on your car without you knowing is a simple regular check of vehicle lighting. This could save you money long term and will ensure that when it comes to MOT testing, at least they won’t be responsible if your precious vehicle does fail. If this solution fails DSA Autocentre could book you in for a free 10 point safety check. 

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