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No Change To The MOT Test

25 Jan

MOT Test Centre Sheffield 

MOT Testing

The government has recently had a rethink on their proposed idea to allow cars to have their first MOT test after four years instead of the current three. As the build quality of modern cars has constantly increased over the years, the government wanted to allow the vehicle an extra year without an MOT test.

The proposed change for the MOT test was always going to be a controversial subject, with the last change to the test being 50 years ago. Moving the MOT test to four years instead of three would see car owners save more money, possibly £100 million per year, but it has not gone down too well with the public according to Regit. Fewer than half of the public would welcome the change to the test. We have however come a long way since the test was introduced in 1960 when a vehicles first MOT test was after 10 years. Imagine the controversy that would cause now!

The UK doesn’t follow suit with a host of European countries regarding the first MOT test. Many of these European countries allow the first test to come in the fourth year. But maybe that is why the UK have some of the safest roads in the world.

DSA MOT Test and Car Service Sheffield

At DSA Autocentre we have noticed cars coming for their first MOT test, passing frequently. The ones that have unfortunately not passed, have come through negligence from the owner and not noticing the little things such as; bulbs blown, tyres worn or simple braking issues. Therefore we cannot stress enough to check and maintain your vehicle within those first three years of not having an MOT test. As well as offering MOT tests in Sheffield we also can help you out with those problems you notice too late. DSA Autocentre can replace your tyres, bulbs and brakes at your home, work or of course, at our Autocentre. 

DSA Autocentre offer a car service in Sheffield which can also aid you in seeing those possible MOT failures and then passing your MOT test when it comes to test time. We offer diagnostics in Sheffield to read any systems which are malfunctioning and always speak to you regarding any advisory’s your vehicle may have following its MOT test. We have your back with almost anything you need, at affordable prices too. Our team can give you any advice you need regarding your vehicle.


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