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Winter Is Coming Is Your Car Ready

16 Oct

Winter Is Coming. Is Your Car ready?

As much as we would like it so, the British climate isn’t exactly balmy. The only way we are going to get hot weather is to move to Spain. We must live with the weather we have. Statistics show, perhaps unsurprisingly and rather alarmingly, UK motorists are eleven percent more likely to have a car accident in Winter than in Spring or Summer. That's why here we like are suggesting a few top tips to combat the rigours of winter driving.

Aircon In Winter?

Air conditioning isn't just about staying cool in Summer. Turning on the climate control or even basic air conditioning is possibly the best winter tip of all. Because the output of air conditioning units is drier, it helps eliminate moisture from within the car thus keeping your cold glass mist free. Incidentally, it is also good to run the aircon regularly for at least fifteen minutes to keep it in good working order. The system needs an overhaul from time to time and it’s not a home fix. Your local car repair garage has the equipment to refurbish a tired aircon system quickly and it is not very expensive to do. Passengers will feel the benefit.

Are Winter Tyres Worthwhile?

The harder tyres have to work, the more fuel the car uses, so, long term, fitting winter tyres when the cold weather bites makes sound financial sense and of course, the other set can go back on when the weather warms up. Your local independent garage could have a mobile tyre service too; it doesn’t get more convenient than that.

There Are Ice Scrapers And Ice Scrapers

When winter lays her cold fingers across the land ownership of the humble scraper is essential. Get a good one. That old Blockbuster membership card that you keep in the door pocket for windscreen scraping doesn’t fit the bill. Most supermarkets and motor factors stock a selection. You can even get extendable versions for ease of reach and some have a brush for clearing loose snow.

Remember to stock-up on de-icer, too, and always have some in your vehicle for those frosty winter days. Give yourself ten minutes more each morning to make sure you have adequate time to clear all windows. Don't just scrape a small hole to peer through; that’s dangerous. Do the lot all the way around.

Prepare For Any Eventuality

There's an old saying: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. That's certainly true for many things in life, including preparing the car for the worst of Winter. Before heading out on the road, make sure you’ve given your car a thorough inspection. Do it at least once a week. Check lights, battery, wipers, tyres and brakes. If in doubt then get your local car service centre to do it for you. What price safety?

In any case, standing outside in the freezing cold is not very appealing but you’ll be thankful you had it checked when you drive past that poor perisher pulled over on side of the road waiting for the breakdown service. Makes more sense now doesn't it?

Know Your Car

Making sure a car is regularly maintained just makes sense and it doesn’t hurt to know the basics of how a car works. It is amazing how many car owners don't entirely know how their motor functions. This is especially true for people who buy a new motor and forget to familiarise themselves with the new controls and the like.

Be safe: Know where the fog light switch is and how to open the bonnet. It pays to know these things. Cold weather starting will catch out a tired old battery for example and your local car mechanic can’t always be on hand to help. Where is the battery? How does the fuel flap open? It might sound obvious but when the weather is cold it's the little things that matter. Winter car care just makes sense.

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