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Winter Tyres Sheffield

2 Jan

Sheffield Winter Tyres

It's pretty much common knowledge that snow and ice and even the cold and damp conditions can cause a detrimental affect to your safety on the road. Your steering, acceleration and braking are all affected as normal tyres have less grip. This is why winter tyres should be an integral part of your winter traditions, if they aren't already. It's in the name but these tyres are specifically designed for the wintery conditions. 

Why Winter Tyres?

A crucial factor in why normal tyres are no good in this time of year is the air temperature. When air temperatures drop below 7 degrees celsius, provides much less grip as the compound in normal tyres begin to harden. But the tread compound in winter tyres contains more natural rubber and advanced silica compounds to minimise the hardening effect which gives extra grip and shorter stopping distances. Together with sophisticated multi-sipe tread patterns, the combination is one that no summer tyre can match, making winter weather tyres the safest option from October through to March, when temperatures rarely rise above 7 degrees celsius. This especially applies to commuters and business motorists who are on the roads in coldest conditions in the early morning and evening.

Tests conducted by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association found that a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at 5°C stopped five metres shorter, equivalent to more than one car length, when fitted with winter weather tyres

DSA Winter Tyres

At DSA Autocentre we provide FREE winter safety checks and winter tyres, covering all motorists needs during the colder periods. 

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